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Jackson Stables, Inc. owns and operates the livery stable at the Estes Park Center/YMCA of the RJackson Stables Brandockies, Estes Park, CO. The Estes Park Center facility is a family vacation and conference center where guests enjoy a variety of activities in a wholesome atmosphere. Jackson Stables, Inc. operates as a concession to the YMCA of the Rockies. The Estes Park Center, located 2 miles outside the town of Estes Park, CO, adjoins Rocky Mountain National Park. The Estes Park Center provides lodging for over 4,500 guests on over 850 acres. Activities at this facility include horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, miniature golf, tennis, fishing, swimming, and much more. As a wrangler with Jackson Stables, Inc. you will be providing memorable horseback riding experiences in a majestic setting.

Approximately 100 head of horses are used daily for guided rides. All rides are on trails within Rocky Mountain National Park and on the YMCA of the Rockies property. The livery provides many different trails, ranging in length from one to eight hours. As a wrangler, your most important responsibility will be that of guiding our guests on these trails. You will be expected to provide a safe and enjoyable horseback riding experience for each person on your ride in all kinds of weather. The job of wrangler/trail guide demands full knowledge of trails, horses, safety and emergency procedures, and a genuine ability to get along with guests and co-workers.

In Jackson Stables - YMCA of the Rockies Liveryaddition to guiding rides, you will be expected to participate in all of the duties required to keep the livery operating efficiently which also includes assisting with improvements to the facility. An example of some of these tasks include: maintaining stalls and barns, general upkeep up the facility, grooming and feeding horses, and mounting and dismounting riders. A few examples of the physical requirements of the job are: lifting 65 pounds (equivalent to a hay bale) up to 4 feet, running to get horses throughout the day, mounting and dismounting guests and/or yourself on a 15+ hand tall horse with no assistance, raking, and shoveling manure. There is a lot to be done each day. Our workday on average begins as early as 6:30am and usually ends around 6:00pm.

We also offer hayrides in the evening for our guests. Each wagon is staffed by a driver and one wrangler. This job duty consists of an additional two and half hours of work per hayride. The hayride schedule will be posted and set up on a rotation basis. Examples of hayride responsibilities include: knowing when you are scheduled, arriving on time, preparing the crate and supplies, and assisting the driver with the draft teams. The average number of hayrides each wrangler takes is one per week.

As a wrangler, you will be required to dress accordingly - work clothes include; western style jeans worn at the waist, western style shirts (T-shirts are not acceptable during working hours), belts, western cowboy hat, and boots. Your dress code and general appearance is at the discretion of management. You are required to have current CPR and Basic First Aid training. If you need these courses, they will be provided upon arrival. If you are certified, please bring proof of your certification with you.

The jobs mentioned throughout this information page are not a complete list, but examples of our requirements, duties, and responsibilities. Employment with Jackson Stables, Inc. is contingent upon your ability to complete all aspects of the wrangler position.

Each employee is responsible for providing their own transportation to and from the Estes Park Center, YMCA of the Rockies.  Van transportation is available from Denver International Airport to Estes Park, approximately a two-hour trip.  Please call Estes Park Shuttle (970-586-5151) for a daily schedule.  You should check with Estes Park Shuttle prior to making airline reservations, to possibly avoid a lengthy wait at the airport.

Jackson Stables, Inc. carries Workman's Compensation Insurance for its employees.

Church services are held each Sunday morning at Chapels located on the YMCA grounds. Jackson Stables, YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, ColoradoUnfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your work schedule will allow you to attend every Sunday service. However, other staff worship services and religious activities are provided. In addition, Estes Park offers a large variety of denominations of Churches.


All employees will be expected to show the necessary documents to prove United States citizenship when they arrive. Some of the combinations that will work are:
- U.S. Passport - current or expired
- Current Driver's License along with Social Security Card
Other options available if these are not possible.

Jackson Stables, YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, ColoradoYMCA Policies
Both men and women are expected to be well groomed at all times.  Neat hairstyles are expected of all wranglers.  Pets are NOT allowed on the YMCA property.

Estes Park Center: 
(970) 586-3341 ext. 1292.  

Your mailing address during the summer will be:

YMCA of the Rockies
Livery Staff
P.O. Box 20656
Estes Park, CO 80511

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